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  1. Large Head and Focal Fits
  2. Tuberculoma in a 1 yr old--Dr G.N. Lakshminarayan
  3. Acetazolamide in Acute Increased Intracrainal Pressure--Dr V. Rodriguez and Dr G.N. Lakshminarayan
  4. Joe Weissman's Case
  5. CT Scans--Does IV Contrast Help
  6. Jose Maestre M.D.--Spinal Case X-rays
  7. Spinal Case of Dr Dorman
  8. Jon Dorman's Left Hemiparesis Case
  9. Dr J. Maestre's case of Acute encephalopathy
  10. Dr Dorman's Dysarthria Case (12/2/99)
  11. Dr Dorman's EMG Case (12/21/99)
  12. Post-coital Headaches (3/14/2000)
  13. Dr Dorman's Thoracic Cord (5/11/2000)
  14. What should be done with this Bullet by Jon Dorman
  15. Dr Reich's case of C7 dermatomal pain
  16. Dr Della Williams--Muggle Meningitis
  17. Dr Ken Vatz--EMG Case (7/29/2000)
  18. Dr Jose Maestre--Incidentalomas (7/31/2000)
  19. Dr Rivner--MAC and Paraplegia (8/6/2000)
  20. Dr Eric Awad--Interesting MRI (8/7/2000)
  21. Dr Cherie O'Brien--HIV and Cryptococcal Meningitis (8/20/2000)
  22. Dr Cherie O'Brien--SLE and CNS Lesions (8/20/2000)
  23. Dr Michael Rivner--Myelopathy (9/03/2000)
  24. Dr Christiana Hall--Painless Paraplegia (9/23/2000)
  25. Dr Harald Reich--Cavernoma (11/11/2000)
  26. Dr G.N. Lakshminarayan--Acetazolamide and Brain Edema (11/27/2000)
  27. Dr Farouk Dindar--Myasthenia Gravis with neck weakness (12/3/2000)
  28. Dr Farouk Dindar--Primary orthostatic tremor (12/07/2000)
  29. Dr Ibanez--Leukopenia and Paraplegia (12/09/2000)
  30. Dr Jose Maestre--Post-traumatic Subdural hematoma and dural sinus thrombosis (1/16/2001)
  31. Dr G.N. Lakshminarayan--Combined Degeneration (2/12/2001)
  32. Dr Ken Vatz--Unknown EMG Case (4/10/2001)
  33. Dr Della Williams--22 Year Old Confused American (6/12/2001)
  34. Dr Miguel Andrés Ibañez--Encephalitis (6/23/2001) 
  35. Dr G N Lakshminarayan--Drop Attacks with Basilar Invagination (7/27/2001)
  36. Dr Joseph Chu--Focal Abdominal Myoclonus (1/08/2001)
  37. Dr Kenneth Vatz--Toe numbness in a 70 year old (9/24/2001)
  38. Dr Jon Dudley Dorman--Brain Spots (9/27/2001)
  39. Dr. Michael Rivner--Cervical Lesion in a 16 year old (11/22/2001)
  40. Dr. R. Murali--Alternating Hemiplegia in a 26 year old (10/07/2002)
  41. Dr L. F. Palma--Lacunae Stroke case with video (9/13/2001)
  42. Dr. Igor Gavrilovic--Chiari I with Hydrocephalus (12/26/2002)
  43. Dr. B. Prakash--Cavernoma case (01/19/2003)
  44. Dr. G.N. Lakshminarayan--Interesting Stroke Case (02/11/2003)
  45. Dr. Michael Rivner--A Complicated case of Myasthenia Gravis (02/14/2003) (Video_Presentation)
  46. Dr. Lombardo F. Palma--Neuroprotection Lecture (02/14/2003)
  47. Dr. Michael H. Rivner--Cervical Spine Disease and Motor Neuron Disease (03/31/2003)
  48. Dr. Joseph Chu--A case of 4th nerve palsy
  49. Dr. Rollin James Hawley--Unknown Case # 1
  50. Dr Steven Hill--Spine Case
  51. Dr. J Maestre--A case of Marchiafava-Bignami (12/27/2003)
  52. Dr. Joseph Chu--Intermittent VI Nerve Palsy (1/04/2004)
  53. Dr. Joseph Chu--Possible Brainstem Lesion (06/19/2004)
  54. Dr. Emanuil Giuris--Piano Dystonia (09/29/2004)
  55. Dr. Mark Loomis--Basilar Thrombosis (01/10/2005)
  56. Dr. Joseph Chu--Devic's or PPMS (01/10/2005)
  57. Dr. G.N. Lakshminarayan--24 day of infant (02/05/2005)
  58. Dr. G.N. Lakshminarayan--Acute Ballooning Aneurysm (03/07/2005)
  59. Dr. G.N. Lakshminarayan--Giant Aneurysm (05/21/2005)
  60. Dr. G.N. Lakshminarayan--Boy with Addisons (03/23/2006)
  61. Dr Prakash Pranesh--Interesting stroke case (04/03/2006)
  62. Dr. G.N. Lakshminarayan--Hirayama’s disease (04/07/2006)
  63. Dr. R. Murali--Vertebral Artery Stenosis (07/02/2006)
  64. Dr. G.N. Lakshminarayan--Carotid Endarectomy versus stent (10/23/2006)
  65. Dr. G.N. Lakshminarayan--Basilar Artery Stenosis (pre and post Stent) (11/4/2006)
  66. Dr. G.N. Lakshminarayan et al--Kissing Distal Anterior Cerebral Artery Aneurysms (11/5/2006)
  67. Dr. Ilias Iladis--Recurrent episodes of diplopia (2/14/2007)
  68. Dr. R. Murali--Where is the Leak? (6/17/2007)
  69. Dr. Michael Rivner--Treatment of intractable hiccups (6/23/2007)
  70. Dr. Ilias Iladis--Dominant Hemisphere Tumor (7/18/2007)
  71. Dr. Michael Rivner--The Pharmacology of Botulinum Toxins (9/2/2007)(video)
  72. Dr. Adnan Al-Khuraibet, MD, DSc--Lamictal induced Movements (12/07/2007)
  73. Dr. G.N. Lakshminarayan--Headache, Diplopia and Fever in a 12 year old (3/31/2008)
  74. Asymmetrical Weakness of Proximal Lower Extremities in patient with Multiple Myeloma (3/4/09)
  75. Acute Deterioration of Mental Status (03/05/09)
  76. Progressive ataxia (03/05/09)
  77. Speech Difficulty after A Severe Penumonia (03/10/2009)
  78. Dr. J Maestre--Basilar Stenosis (3/20/2010)
  79. Dr. J. Maestre--Basilar Stenosis--Post Stent (3/20/2010)
  80. Dr. Rakesh Biswas--Video of Chorea (4/8/2010)
  81. Dr. Harald Reich--Cervical Cord Lesion (5/18/2010)
  82. Dr. Mark Loomus--Devic's Disease (8/15/2010)
  83. Dr. Michael Rivner--Aphasia in an 81 year old (8/22/2010)
  84. Dr. Sergio Kosac--Demyelinating or vascular disease (8/28/2010)
  85. Dr. Harald Reich--Left Hemiparesis: 10 year MRI Comparison (9/6/2010)
  86. Dr. Ken Vatz--Abdominal Spasms (7/302011)
  87. Dr. Seema Mahant--Cerebellar Degneration (11/28/2011) 
  88. Blepharospasm Lecture--Michael Rivner
  89. AU ALS Research Conference 2020 (12/29/2020)
  90. Dr L Palma--ataxia and disequilibrium (1/25/2021)


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